Friday, 25 November 2011

Experiment 1: A Tunic in Different Avatars

There is this little grey tunic that I bought the other day, to match this particular pair of leggings I have. But as I am not a leggings person and I love to show my legs off (ok so sue me!), I get this brainwave and start teaming it with other stuff and voila I get these all new and different looks. Now honestly, am not really into accessories like costume jewellery or bags. But yeah I love shoes and jackets and have gotten around teaming them different stuff to create whole new looks all together :)

So anyways, this grey tunic of mine has these intricately structured sleeves that spell chic and feminine. Here's a look:
The structured sleeves!
I have done five different looks with it and here they are...
For A Lunch Date
Wearing the tunic as a dress with a pop of colour in the form of Indigo suede peep toe pumps brings in a casual chic look...
Grey Tunic as a dress with Purple Suede Peep Toe Pumps
Tunic: Local Boutique
Peep-Toes: Carlton London

For An Afternoon of shopping
Who doesn't love shopping and if it is done with your best friends in a sunny autumn afternoon it becomes double the fun :) For my afternoon of shopping I paired the tunic with a pair of Red denims (thoughtfully gifted by my MIL). Yes you heard it right I paired with a pair of denims and yup with a front tuck! The Red here gives the pop of color and well I kept it at that!
Grey Tunic as a top with apir of Red Denims
Red Jeans: Allen Solly
White Kolhapuri Style Flats: Osho Chappal Stalls, Pune

Meeting up for a Family Get Together
This was an easy one... Since, my family stays in Mumbai and it is known for its laid back attitude in dressing, all I had to do was pair the tunic (as a dress) with my distressed Denim jacket (continuing the denim is IN trend) and got my myself a dash of bright via a pair of Purple ballerinas :) More on these flats in an upcoming post :)
Grey Tunic as a dress with Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket: Levi's
Purple Ballerinas: Bata

Lounging Around With Guests At Home
People say things change after marriage... Really? Well technically yes it does but one thing that doesn't change is friends dropping in anytime of the day! Well isn't that what close friends are for? :) For this wear my original idea of Grey tunic paired with bright tights! Yup I know bright tights are IN! Btw, I apologize for the horrible image quality in the pic below :(
Grey Tunic paired with bright blue leggings
Blue Metallic Leggings: Gift from my co-sister
Multicolored Slip On juttis: From Amritsar

After Dinner Coffee Date
This is my fav look and my fav outing. My guy and I keep really busy schedules beacause of which it gets really difficult for both of us to actually do some dinner reservations and reach on time. Very often we are the last people sitting and eating in a restaurant. So what we generally do is eat at home but go out for a late night coffee... For this look, I team my grey tunic as a dress with my most favorite leather jacket, which was gifted by my mom :) The Red shade is just brilliant and it is just so soft and comfortable :)
Grey Tunic as a dress with a Red Leather Jacket 
Red Leather Jacket: Promod
Tan Platforms: Aldo

Let me know if you guys liked my looks and if you have any other ideas to team this tunic with... :)


  1. omg i love ur outfits! looking forward to more of them!!!

  2. nice..
    from where u did u get the tunic

  3. hey Vanity thanks so much for liking my outfits and my blogs :) this is great encouragement!!! :D

    And Aditi, I got the tunic from a local boutique in Pune... u from Pune? let me know i'll tell u the address then :)

  4. this is so cute! i like all the combi' creative i must say Sam..

  5. hey i loved the red jacket..superb !!

    by the way why don u increase the size of the pics.they will look more clear and captivating.

  6. Brilliant Suma! Just Brilliant!

  7. Seriously very very useful post ! commendable job! I couldnt have imagined wearing it in so many ways!

  8. oh wow so many comments!!!! you are guys are the best!!!! thank u for all your encouragement girls!!!

    and Anamika, yup i will be posting larger images from now on!

  9. Suma Sharma.... I have been looking for anuything with sleeves like this since ages.. what sleeves do you call these? so I can find something online...
    I'm so happy you decided on a fashion blog- your style has always been impressive- casual or saree (th 1st thing which comes to my mind is your green farewell wala saree)

  10. you hurt on your right foot?

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